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Water ionizer business opportunity for the Alkalux 2507 model

I accompanied my daughter to the mall where she was going to attend the birthday party of her classmate in one of the restaurants. After making sure that the celebrant and her family were already there, I decided to go around the mall with another parent whose daughter was also attending the party.  As we were checking the stalls, a lady approached us and handed us a brochure. I am a person who does not really like receiving brochures or handouts in public places, as it usually ends up in the trash. Liz, my companion, was the one who gladly accepted the brochure, immediately opened it up and started reading.  While she was reading it, I saw a smirk on her face. So I asked her why. She told me it was a business opportunity that she was not interested in, even if she really needed some extra source of income. At that point, I got even more curious. Why would someone in need of an extra source of income not be interested in a business opportunity? So I grabbed the brochure from her and was surprised the product was a water ionizer. It was a product that I am not familiar with though.

So I thought it would be interesting to add this product to my review site. I asked Liz why she was not interested in the business opportunity. She said she was skeptical about alkaline water benefits. So I quickly told her we should ask about the product before she turns it down. We looked for the lady who handed us the brochure and told her we were interested about the product. She gladly escorted us to their stall where we were entertained by her companion.  They had a demo product so I took time to inspect it as Liz was listening to them about the business opportunity they were offering. I overheard they were telling Liz that the Alkalux 2507 is handmade and manufactured in Korea.

They were displaying two units with two different colors – black and silver. I thought this was cool as it can match the color and design of any kitchen. At first glance, it looks slightly bigger than the other machines that I have seen. It actually measures 15.5 by 16.3 inches.  Just like the water ionizers that I have looked into, this one also comes with universal attachments that would fit any type of sink faucet. Price wise, this water ionizer is a mid-range machine but it has high end features. It has fully adjustable presets and a dual filtration system.The voice guide control helps in confirming the selection made in the control panel. There are also color changes which gives you a visualization of the pH level selected. There is even a warning “chime” that sounds off when acid water is selected for dispensing. A reminder that this should not be ingested.

There are two icons for indicating the filter life of the Alkalux 2507. Also, the control panel comes with easy touch buttons. There is no need to toggle up and down to choose the pH level. There are 6 preset pH levels: strong alkaline, medium alkaline, light alkaline, purified water, strong acid and light acid. This machine also has an automatic water outflow and shut off.  There are 7 plates in the Alkalux 2507 water ionizer and it automatically goes into a cleaning cycle. This helps in preventing mineral build-up. There is actually an alert that comes up in the control panel to indicate that the plates need cleaning. There is also an option to run the cleaning cycle manually by pressing the “RTR” button. I think this is a very cool feature.  Another interesting information I heard when they were talking to Liz was that this machine is backed by the company Tyent, a well-known industry leader in water ionization. Energy wise, this unit does not consume that much electricity with a maximum wattage of 180 watts.

They also offer a 7-year warranty on parts and labor and 60-day money back guarantee. With this money back guarantee, Liz was convinced of giving this business opportunity a try and filled out a form to request an authorized dealership for Alkalux. I hope she enjoys working with the Alkalux 2507 and find success with this business opportunity.

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