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Water For Life Revelation undersink Water Ionizer Review and Comparison

It has been quite a while since I last wrote a review on a water ionizing machine. Like I have always done before, I need to have a personal encounter with the machine that I am going to write a review on. So I needed a strategy and I also need to select a unit to try.  After careful thinking and planning, I decided on the water for life Revelation model.  The reason why I chose the Revelation was because it had an interesting spigot that I wanted to test. Also, with this unit, if I was just going to try it temporarily, I wouldn’t need to poke a hole in my sink as it already has a utility plug where the water outlet of the machine would fit just perfectly. Since this unit comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, it was easy for me to order one online and just return it before 60 days.

My unit came a few weeks later on a school day. I did make sure it would come on a school day so I could concentrate on installing the machine without being bothered by the kids.  I figured it would be challenging to install this one because it is an under sink model and differs from countertop model water ionizer installations.  I was correct with my hunch.  Assembling it was quite a challenge, unlike with counter top machines like the genesis platinum water ionizer, these undercounter units are quite complicated to install. The first thing I did was position the 10 inch tall by 2-1/2 inch wide spigot into the utility hole of my sink. If you do not have a utility hole, then you will have to drill one. It should be a 1-1/4 inch hole. It can be inconvenient for most people who may need to purchase or just borrow a drill from friends. So I think you should first take into consideration if you are willing to poke a hole in your sink (if it did not come with the utility hole). If not, then this unit is not the right one for you.  After positioning the spigot, I took out the tubes. One was 5/16 and the other was ¼. As per instructions in the manual, I attached the 5/16 tubing into the alkaline valve and the ¼ into the acid valve.  After securing my spigot, I had to locate the cold water line and install the diverter valves. I also needed to position the machine below the sink, which was 13 x 13 inches.  As soon as everything was ready, I have to connect the communication cable, plug the machine into the power outlet and it is now ready to use.  By the way, this machine consumes a maximum of 300 watts.  It is now time to turn on the power.

The power button is located on top of the spigot. After turning it on, the LCD display of the machine turns on.  At that point I stared at the spigot and was just amazed at how small this thing looked in my kitchen countertop. Unlike having a big water ionizer by my sink, like the Genesis water ionizer, this Revelation undersink water ionizer just fit indiscreetly in my kitchen. It also comes with two water outlets, with the bottom outlet serving as the waste dispense. The top outlet is where the dispensed water comes out. So if you are dispensing alkaline water on top, then acid water comes out at the bottom.  Apart from the on and off button, there are also three other buttons that you can press. On the left is the alkaline water button, then the acid button is in the middle, while the pure water button is on the right. While pressing the buttons for alkaline or acidic water, there are 4 levels that you can choose from. Overall, there are 9 preset levels of pH which you can customize up to 76.  The pH and ORP levels are displayed on the LCD screen, together with the filter life. Speaking of filters, this machine comes with 4 filters, but the filters come as a set. This means that filter 1 and filter 2 comes with one set and filter 3 and filter 4 comes with one set. So if you need to replace the filters, they are replaced by sets. This four stage filter system is highly sophisticated that water it comes with sixteen stages to make sure you get only the cleanest water out of your machine.  For those who want to have instant access to the strongest alkaline and acid water, the Revelation also comes with a turbo button that you can activate by pressing the button for 5 seconds. There is also a voice prompt every time you press a button.

As I see it, the Genesis Platinum water ionizer comparison is the same when it comes to functionality, except that the controls are in the spigot which is the only thing that occupies your countertop. Also, it has 2 additional plates, giving the revelation a total of 9 platinum-titanium plates.  I would say this water ionizer can be considered as among the high priced ones. It is priced at $2195. However, you can get it for a much cheaper price if you look around and wait for the right time to purchase it.  If I did not have my own water ionizer at home, I would have wanted to keep this Revelation water ionizer.  However, I already have one and I will have to return it after writing this review.

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