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My review experience with KYK Generation II model water ionizer

A Little about myself and how I stumbled upon the KYK machine:

My mother has always been a health buff and she made sure she would inculcate this habit to me and my siblings while we were still young. She made sure we stayed away from junk and processed foods as much as possible. She also went to our community gym regularly. Something I hope I would also be able to do, instead of just doing daily walks around our neighborhood.
Now that we are all grown-up and have our own families to take care of, I saw the necessity of letting the kids learn the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.
Last Christmas, I decided to visit my sister in California. My kids were excited because the last time they saw their cousins was when they were still toddlers. They are now in middle school. We don’t get to see them that much, as we live on the east coast.

Since it was Christmas season, I told my kids they are temporarily excused from eating not-so healthy stuff. The first morning we were there, I was awakened by my kids who were shaking me and their dad while begging that we go out to buy them milk for breakfast. We got up and went out to get milk. As soon as we got back, my sister and her husband were already up and preparing breakfast. She apologized she did not have milk ready in the fridge as her kids have stopped drinking milk.

As I opened the fridge to put the milk in, I was surprised to see the cans of soda inside. “Oh wow! That is a lot of soda!” I uttered in surprise. “Yeah I know. My husband and the kids love soda” my sister said. At that point, I told my sister she needs to do something before it’s too late.

She acknowledges the problem but admits it can be difficult to take them away from that bad habit. They drink more soda than water over the day. I suggested that she needs to invest in a water ionizer machine. Knowing these machines can be pricey and considering the chances that her husband and kids would turn away from drinking soda, she became skeptical of investing in a unit.
Hence, I came up with the idea of trying out a bottled alkaline water first since there are stores that bottle and sell alkaline water. I searched online to look for a water refilling station near their area. The following day, we headed out to get her very first bottled alkaline water.

As we stepped inside, I asked the sales person if they were using the Genesis Platinum. To my surprise, she told me it was a close guess, but they are actually using the KYK Generation II water ionizer. I was informed that Water for Life USA, the manufacturer of the Genesis machine, was the original distributor of KYK in the US. However, in 2010, this company from Korea decided to sell their water ionizers directly under their company, KYK-USA.

I got curious on what similarities and differences the KYK Generation II has compared with Genesis Platinum as they both look pretty much alike. To my surprise, they are almost the same except on the wattage. KYK Gen II uses 250 watts while Genesis Platinum is 50 watts higher. Although both have 7 plates, the plate surface area for KYK Gen II is 200 and 220 for Genesis Platinum.
I noticed there were showing an installation video at the store to entice potential buyers of the machine. I watched the video with my sister and we both agreed she would not need a plumber to install the machine, anytime she might decide to finally purchase one for herself. It is interesting that it has an optional wall mount kit. While this machine measures 13.4″ X 13.4″, one does not necessarily need a spacious sink area in the kitchen, because of the option to wall mount the machine.

I really enjoyed the cute waste dispenser that comes with this water ionizing machine. Most alkaline water ionizers have a waste dispenser that is just plain hose clipped onto a plastic to secure it in place. The KYK Generation II comes with an upward angled chrome tube waste dispenser which can look like a mini water outlet. It just needs to be secured on the top or the side of the sink.
While the sales person was preparing the water that my sister and I were purchasing, I got the permission to fiddle with the settings of the demo machine. There are 7 buttons on this machine. The power button, the 3 buttons for selecting alkaline, acid or purified water, the mode button for configuring the functions, the set button for saving changes on settings and the clean button.
There are 4 preset settings for each button when you press the alkaline and acid water button. I also noticed there is a filter life indicator on the LCD screen display. Pressing the mode button will display pH levels from 3.5 to 11.5 or ORP levels of up to -750. The color chart on the display changes to a glowing purple when the highest alkaline level is chosen and bright red when the strongest acid level is selected. There are also options to increase or decrease the volume of the voice prompts. The LCD screen display may be set to turn on only when the unit is in use. This is an energy saving function. There is also an option for doing the manual cleaning cycle at short or extended periods. I inquired about the plates and found out that it has a total of 7 platinum coated titanium plates. It also comes with a dual filtration system which can remove all water contaminants, and it is sulfite free. The sales lady also gladly informed us that they do have a 60-day money back guarantee, and the company has increased the warranty on parts and labor from 5 years to 7 years. The KYK Generation II belongs to the average priced water ionizers, thus it is not really very heavy on the pocket. As I told my sister, considering the long term health benefits the machine can do for her family, it is a machine worth investing in. I am glad she is now contemplating of getting one for her family, and buying the level 1 bottled alkaline water is her first step.

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