Water ionizer consumer reports and comparisons

Healthy alkaline drinking water has the correct PH and -ORP to neutralize free radicals in your body

The nutritive properties of Ionized Water have long been known

Antioxidant benefits of Alkaline water

Most fruits, including the ones most known to fight free radicals, have ORP values that allow them to oxidize the radicals. Each glass of ionized water has more oxidizing reduction power than fruit.

The power of ORP

ORP stands for oxidizing reduction potential. Ionized water is water that has gone through electrolysis to become reduced water. This reduced water can reach high alkaline values ( higher PH) for drinking and can reach very negative ORP values. This low ORP value is the breaking of hydrogen bonds in the water due to electrolysis. The negative charged ions bind the the destructive positive free radicals in your body. The elimination of free radicals is the antioxidant effect that water ionizers have. This detox effect can only be achieved by electrolysis and not through reverse osmosis or distillation.