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EOS Genesis Platinum Water Ionizer Review and Features Comparisons

Last Christmas before heading to my husband’s mother in laws I purchased a used EOS Genesis Platinum water ionizer off of Ebay as their Christmas gift and also because I wanted to drink the water while spending time there. I got a used unit, but I was lucky the previous owner included the manual on this one which contained the installation instructions. Then I went online to read some stuff about the Genesis Platinum. I found out it was the unit that replaced the KYK Genesis. It is quite interesting that I was wondering what could have driven the previous owner to get rid of this water ionizer. I strongly suspected the owner might have moved to a smaller house and had a smaller sink area in the kitchen. This type of machine can eat a lot of space in the kitchen. I measured the body of the unit and it came up to around 13.5 x 13.5 inches, and around 6 inches in thickness.

Knowing how stingy my mother in law is, I had to check how much electricity this water ionizer consumes. It operates at 300 watts. Not bad, she won’t be troubled.
Then came the most exciting part, fiddling with the settings. I was amused at the advanced screen display. It showed me the pH, water flow, filter life of the 2 filters this machine uses, and it even has an auto diagnostic system indicator which would give out an error code. If you get an error code, all you have to do is look it up in the manual to figure out which part of the system is not functioning properly.

There are 8 buttons that you can press for operating this machine. Of course there is the power on and off button, then the 4 alkaline water preset buttons, mode button, set button, acid water button and purified water button. While I was pressing the buttons, there was also a voice announcer that kept telling me at what setting I was dispensing water. Similar to other machines that I have inspected, this one also comes with a waste dispenser where acidic or alkaline water may come out depending on the type of water dispensed in the water outlet.
While I was pressing the acid water button, a chime was continuously sounding off. This is the reminder that the water being dispensed is not potable and should not be used for drinking. For selecting the level of acidity, all I did was press the acid button several times.

Something interesting I found out about the EOS Genesis Platinum water ionizer is that it has 76 levels of pH and ORP adjustments. It states a pH range from 1.6 to 13, a very wide pH range that you can choose from. The machine states it has a very large PH range however I noted that with my tester it did not reach the full range. The maximum Ph I got was a 11.3 and the maximum ORP about -553 When I called about this they stated that maybe because the machine was used it needed to be cleaned or that I needed to check to make sure my mineral content was sufficient and that I should also check to make sure that the PH of my source water is around a 7.0 This was no surprise to me, many of the ionizers need sufficient mineral content and a semi neutral tap water PH to achieve their maximum stated values.

Overall, I am happy with this purchase, being that is was a used machine. I checked with the manufacturer however and learned that because I was not the original owner the unit did not have a warranty nor the lifetime guarantee on the plates. When purchased brand new, the Genesis Platinum comes with 5 year warranty on parts, labor and shipping, something to keep in mind since most people will have their machine for many years, probably more than 5.

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