Water ionizer consumer reports and comparisons

About the water ionizer source

The Ionizer Source

The Ionizer Source is dedicated to providing accurate information in a simple and easy to read format. We have comparisons and first hand experiences of water ionizers laid out for people to make informed decisions about which Ionizer is the right choice for them. Unlike other water ionizer review websites which attempt to collect your Phone number or email address we do not collect any of your information for marketing purposes and have only created this website for your reading enjoyment and to make true unbiased knowledge available. Any “water ionizer review” website you find which attempts to collect your personal information in exchange for a “downloadable review or form” is simply collecting your information to market a water ionizer to you. These sites would like to appear unbiased but the truth of the matter is that they are “FAKE WATER IONIZER REVIEW SITES” and only exist to sell an ionizer to you or sell your information to a water ionizer company.

Compare water ionizer machines

On the you can see the top 5 plate water ionizers on the market today. We have split the categories into useful information like warranty length, return policy, number of plates, ph range, orp range, and price. We leave it up to you to pick the right machine.


The page on electrolysis breaks down some of the fundamental changes that happen to the ionized drinking water that benefit your health. The process of electrolysis turns normal water into restructured water, but before this step, the water is both filtered and purified.

Ionized water’s antioxidant benefits

The health water page gives an overview about the antioxidant benefits of alkaline ionized water’s oxidizing reduction potential that fights damaging free radicals in the body.

About the Creator

My name is Jennifer Klind and I have put this site together in the hopes of better informing you about the water ionizer industry before you make your purchase. I got into and learned of water ionizers by word of mouth and by attending a Kangen / Enagic water ionizer demonstration some years ago. You may be skeptical of the health improvements, as was I, but once you try and drink this water you will learn that there are health improvements which come with its consumption. Several months after first learning of ionized water I purchased a machine, but that was only after many months of reading and learning about the machines and the different companies. After being marketed to by many big name brands and then conducting my own research I learned that much of the information out there about the water ionizers is falsified, untrue, and is a marketing attempt to get the maximum amount of money for your purchase. I learned that there are only 3 main things in a water ionizer which makes it work, the plates, the power system, and the filter. All the other components are just add on’s to make a machine more expensive or to say it is better than another machine. Whats more I learned that low cost water ionizers such as a 5 plate machine around $800 to $1200 will give you the same result (although maybe it will not reach as high a PH) as a high end unit of $1500 to $4000 dollars. When you strip away all the features the water is exactly the same, it all has the micro clustering, the higher PH, and the -ORP Oxidation Reduction Potential. You don’t need to spend $2000+ dollars on a machine to get the health benefits when you can get the same exact thing out of a much less expensive unit, without all the bells in whistles, and you can view my water ionizer comparison chart to see some of these differences.  I hope that as you read on on this website you will learn this for yourself and become a better informed consumer. Water ionizers are like cars, they all do the same thing, they move you from point A to point B. What your paying for is the weather you want to get there in style and in luxury or if you don’t mind taking a more economical route.  No matter what sales people will tell you or what you read, all the water is the same, it all has the 3 features, micro clustering, higher PH, and -ORP.